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Wort kit Ruby Amber 15 Litres


Wort kit Ruby Amber 15 Litres

Wort kit Ruby Amber 15 Litres

Code: BM168

15 Litres

A Amber Beer with Malt aroma including caramel, bread and sweet notes. Some fruity esters if Anglish yeast used, and light to moderate hop aroma depending on dry hop. Light red in colour, some auburn highlights when held to light. Good clarity. Moderate cream head with fair retention. Significant malt characteristics including caramel, biscuit and bread. Light to moderate hops and fruity esters depending on dry hop and yeast medium body and medium carbonation. Use BM175 Cascade Hop/Yeast Pack

A freshly brewed high gravity wort kit, Just add 5 litres water, yeast and ferment
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