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  • Coopers International 1.7Kg Beer Kit Canadian Blonde

    Clean, plae malt flavours, a light bodied palate with malt aromas and a hint of spicy hops. A pale straw coloured beer, your cure to have more fun with

    Makes 23 Litres
    NZ$ 35.90
  • Fast Ferment 30 Litre Kit Complete
    30 Litre

    A one stage fermenter allowing brewers and winemakers to do primary and secondary fermentation in the same unit. Eliminating racking, saving approx 80% of the time compared to traditional methods. The conical design limits exposure to oxygen and allows for yeast harvesting producing a high quality beer or wine

    The kit includes 30L Fermenter, Screw top with grommet and airlock, Collection ball, valve & fittings, Wall mounts and bolts, Hose and Clamp Comes Gift Boxed
    NZ$ 200.00
    Out of Stock
  • GM Collection Canadian Rye Whisky

    A grain bill high in Rye provides the distinctive aroma and flavour edge for this whiskey making Canadian a unique style

    Makes 1.125 Litres
    NZ$ 8.50
  • Premium Rum

    A well oaked medium molasses rum with good colour

    High quality concentrates that flavour 5 litresMakes 5 Litres
    NZ$ 11.00

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